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Los Angeles, Valencia, London and finally Berlin. The blues & soul band Molly's Peck around singer Julia Castelhano and guitarist Guilherme Castelhano has had a remarkable journey. Starting point and goal at the same time: their shared music.


Julia, who grew up in Lörrach, and Guilherme, who comes from São Paolo, met in 2014 at the Los Angeles College of Music. As session players, they play in legendary clubs like the “House of Blues” and “The Mint” and want to gain experience and soak up everything. With her degree in her pocket, Julia goes to the Berklee College of Music in Boston and Guilherme goes on tour in South America. A year later they both move to Valencia, where Julia gets her bachelor's degree and where the idea of a band becomes reality. Bars, pubs, clubs – Molly’s Peck accept every gig that comes their way. Shortly afterwards, due to visa problems, the German-Brazilian couple was forced to go to London, where they supported themselves as a cover band and recorded their first EP.


However, the desire for a permanent home becomes increasingly louder and so the two decide to move to Berlin. Finally arrived?


In 2020 they release “Hope You Don’t Mind”, an album filled with “deep and playfully sophisticated compositions” (Radio Eins), strong vocals and energetic guitar playing. In their songs they process memories in order to build a bridge to their past. They mix soul, blues and funk in a carefree and authentic way, echoing influences such as Joss Stone, Derek Trucks and Gregory Porter.


As in life, Molly's Peck are searchers in their music, searching for the perfect sound, the perfect melody, the perfect song. “At Home” is the name of their EP, which they release the following summer in 2021, but they don’t feel like they’ve arrived yet.


As now parents of two, the couple is starting 2024 at full speed and with their first single release "Nobody's Listening" they exude optimism and the will to make this year to theirs. 

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„Molly’s Peck gehört zu den spannendsten und 

innovativsten Bands der letzten Jahre.” - Wild Magazin 

„Wenn das nicht ein gelungenes Beispiel 

für Kosmopolitismus ist.” – Zitty Berlin

 „Viel Atmosphäre & Jazz-Leichtigkeit“ – Musix 

„ Viele, die Blues und Soul mögen, werden sich

 um diese CD reißen.”

- NordNews 

„Hope You Don’t Mind ist ein Gesamtkunstwerk 

mit einer gewissen Dramaturgie und Spannung.” - Emsland Kurier 


„Molly’s Peck lassen tiefsinnige und spielerisch anspruchsvolle

 Musik so unbeschwert klingen wie nur wenige.”




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