About us

Molly’s Peck is a blue-eyed soul music group founded in 2016. The independent Berlin based band - led by singer and violinist Julia Selbherr Castelhano (Germany) and guitarist Guilherme Castelhano (Brazil) – blends sweet, slick melodies with the funk-soul rhythm from influences such as Joss Stone, Derek Trucks, and Gregory Porter.


They graduated from Los Angeles College of Music in 2015 and immersed themselves in some of the most inspiring cities of the world:

Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Valencia and London.

These past years have been also an important learning process for the two young musicians to experience the music business.


Molly's Peck released their debut album "Wrapped in Gold" on November 20th, 2017 with a tour through Europe and Brazil, followed by several single releases in 2019, where they gained a great response on social media. 

In June 2020 they dropped their second album "Hope You Don't Mind", which connects music to the memories of an important time in their past. It captures the range of influences, cultures and feelings they experienced , while also developing their own sound of Molly's Peck music today. The record includes special appearances of John Avila (Oingo Boingo), Sammy Avila (Walter Trout, Philip Sayce) and Izzy Gordon, and is now available on every major streaming platform.


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What the press says

„Molly’s Peck gehört zu den spannendsten und 

innovativsten Bands der letzten Jahre.” - Wild Magazin 

„Wenn das nicht ein gelungenes Beispiel 

für Kosmopolitismus ist.” – Zitty Berlin

 „Viel Atmosphäre & Jazz-Leichtigkeit“ – Musix 

„ Viele, die Blues und Soul mögen, werden sich

 um diese CD reißen.”

- NordNews 

„Hope You Don’t Mind ist ein Gesamtkunstwerk 

mit einer gewissen Dramaturgie und Spannung.” - Emsland Kurier 


„Molly’s Peck lassen tiefsinnige und spielerisch anspruchsvolle

 Musik so unbeschwert klingen wie nur wenige.”